System Impact Studies of 5400MW hydro plant including overall 12861 MW hydro power plants, 765kV power transmission, and rank the alternatives of 765kV or 500kV power transmission – National Transmission and Dispatch Company Ltd.

Objectives/background/needs: NTDC system planning to year 2030 required extensive transmission expansion to bring about 30,000 MW power from northern hydro plants. One of the transmission corridors had certain Right of Way and terrain difficulties. In order to transmit 12861 MW through this corridor, NTDC wanted to review transmission voltage level for given power transfer levels and see if power transfer can be increased for both alternatives of 765kV or 500kV level transmission. NTDC wanted to evaluate techno-economical study for year 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025 and 2030 to see which voltage level is most suited for this required power transfer. Key deliverables and solution provided: Ranking of alternatives based on transmission lines life time techno-economic studies. Detailed power system studies, load flow, short circuit, stability and economic studies to rank the alternatives. Power transfer enhancement studies using FACTS application including series compensation and SVCs. Recommendations and report. Presentation to top management.