Preparation of Regional Transmission Grid Plan For Gilgit Baltistan (GB) Area – NTDC

Objectives/background/needs: Establishment of regional transmission grid plan in Gilgit � Baltistan (GB) area, Pakistan is a project planned to connect the GB region with National Grid system of Pakistan. The project caters power demand for next two decades to year 2035 in ten districts of GB by interconnecting each other through proposed regional transmission grid plan. GB area has very high hydro power generation potential and there are number of new hydro plants of overall 4200 MW were planned. Presently GB area grid of 140 MW capacity is operating in many islands and is not connected to the national grid of NTDC. There was need of assembling the data and model the present grid system and plan the interconnection with the NTDC along with new incoming new large hydro plants. Key deliverables and solution provided: Developed transmission planning criteria, Prepared and reviewed provided load forecast and generation development plans, Selection of voltage level(s) for regional transmission interconnections and with national grid for proposed development plans, Identified generation interconnection transmission schemes (alternatives and options) for the proposed Hydro Power Projects, Performed necessary power flow, short circuit and transient stability assessment studies and provided a high level assessment of the potential interconnection between the GB regional grid and the NTDC transmission system keeping in view the future HPPs projects in northern part of Pakistan. Future years of planned 2021, 2025 and 2035 interconnected grid system of about 94000 MW load was prepared and report was submitted.