GCCIA Voltage Control Study – Reactive Power Management Study – Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)

Determine an optimal voltage control solution. The solution should enable the grid to maintain a zero MVAR exchange (or close) level at each interconnection point under a range of system conditions while maintaining system voltages within operational limits. Develop future base cases using Member States data. Verify, validate, check, the data bases. Develop a range of study scenarios. Prepare and benchmark models. Identify and prepare selected faults and scenarios. Contingencies (ACCC) runs, monitor MVAR exchange, Review HVDC control options for reactive power contributions and limits. Develop mitigation measures based on mechanically switched shunt reactive power devices. Dynamic simulations to test MVAR support. Investigate FACTS based solutions (SVC, STATCOM). Evaluate sizes and location of the proposed FACTS devices. Recommendations, specifications, cost estimates for Optimal solution(s)