Exxon Electrical Distribution Network Expansion and Balancing Studies

Objectives/background/needs: Engro wanted to expand their power system to increase their fertilizer production capacity.  This required to add new generators as well as many large size motors.  This required to review fault levels with given breaker capacities. This also  required to add new buses and balance the load.  The main challenge was to optimize the motor starting requirements with current limit reactors that were required to limit the fault levels.

Key deliverables and solution provided: Distribution system expansion planning for new & existing equipment on new loading conditions. Load flow, short circuit, load impact & motor starting.  Power system losses estimation and reduction.  Design and application of “Current Limiting Reactors” to limit the short circuit currents. Optimization of motor starting with the designed current liming reactor.

Studied Dynamic behavior of machines with induction of new generation & current limiting reactor. Developed Planning Options and Cost Estimates Recommendations and report.