Energy Efficiency

Energy expense is one of the major components of most manufacturing and services companies. Reducing energy expense is equivalent to free cash flow for businesses. Free cash that can be used to further expand and improve business operations or pay additional dividends to shareholders. Implementing companywide energy efficiency programs can contribute in reducing energy costs.

POWER-tek can help your company efficiently use energy through our demand side management services delivered by a team of energy experts located in North America, and Asia.

Demand Side Management

Energy expense is one of the largest cost components of many industrial and commercial facilities. Reducing energy expense could increase profit margins of several businesses. One way to reduce energy expense is to make efficient use of energy through demand side management.

POWER-tek provides demand side management services that focus on opportunities to reduce power drawn from the grid and matching consumption schedule to take advantage of time-of-use (TOU) rates provided by local distribution utilities.

The three key steps we take to manage your energy consumption are:

1. Load research and definition of consumption pattern

We study how your company uses energy for your various business processes, and study your local utility’s rates structure and special rate offering like time-of-use (TOU). We then define your load profile which is a graph that describes your electric consumption on an hourly basis throughout the day, week or month, depending on the scope of the study.

2. Assessment of opportunities and definition of strategies to manage consumption and cost

We will analyze your consumption pattern based on the load research and we find opportunities where energy consumption can be reduced while maintaining or improving the performance of your business process. We will also work with you to define energy intensive business processes that can be shifted schedule of operation to take advantage of special rates and TOU from local utilities.

3. Implementation and performance monitoring

We will work with you to design an implementation program that would best fit your company. We will also define metrics to measure the improvements from the demand side management program being implemented.

POWER-tek will provide you on-time and cost effective demand side services, while keeping quality as the top priority.